Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #25 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy Chronicles

The fucking smart bitch or something like that.

That was what I was currently calling myself, in my head and as I neatly folded my clothes into the second box that morning.

My chocolate brown Louis Vuitton box was lying by my side while I finished placing my clothes in the other on the bed I used at Kofo’s.

Talking about Kofo, I was very aware of her presence by the door but I consciously acted like I was oblivious of it.

I grabbed my sheer LBD, folded it and placed it carefully on the other clothes.

As I made for the bathroom to grab my facial scrub, moisturizer, facial cleanser and bodywash, I pretended not to hear her disgruntled hiss and focused on laying my hands on my beauty products.

When I returned, she’d moved into the small but neat bedroom, one hand on her waist, the other holding a plate of Ofada rice.

“Kofo, stop behaving like a monitoring spirit and either help me pack or go back outside”

She hissed again but this time, she had words for me, “Can you not see that you don’t have sense?”

“Can you not see I am doing the best for me in this situation?” I fired back. I was done placing my beauty products inside my bag.

Because of how everything had gone with LJP, I had not returned to his apartment to retrieve my things.

And because I was still very scared of what he could do to me, I had been mentally trying to forget everything I owned and that was still in his house.

So all I had left were the content of the LV boxes now lying on the floor by my feet.

And all those things were going with me back to Chimezie’s house where I intended to be his wife.

Something Kofo was seriously not happy about.

“Kelechi this is very stupid, I am serious.”

“I don’t think so.” I was scrolling through my phone now, looking for Chimezie’s driver’s number.

I was ready to be chauffeured to him; he had a getaway for a couple of days to a certain destination he had refused to mention.

And I was pretty much excited about it.

“I know you would not listen and I am tired of talking. You can do whatever you like, it is kuku not my pussy.”

I shrugged in response. I was not going to say anything; my mind was already made up and as it were, nothing could change it.

The driver picked the call and I told him quickly, “Come and pick me up. I am ready”

“You’re really going” Kofo said and I nodded. She sighed, softened her voice and added, “Kelechi why now? I am really worried. I thought the therapy was working? Even the Therapist said you’d improved over the last two weeks so what’s with the relapse?”

Truth was, there was no relapse and the therapy was also working.

I had slowly begun my journey to common sense and how to keep my legs together.

However, I had also begun my journey to mentally forgive Chimezie while I spent his money as his wife.

I slipped my feet into my black Zanotti slippers and grabbing my two boxes, I headed for the door.

The genuine look of concern on Kofo’s face made my heart break but I ignored it and made out of the room.

She was behind me in seconds, following me as I made for the front door.

Grabbing my hand, she dragged me to a halt. “Kaycee, you don’t want to do this.”

She was right, I did not want to.

But I also did not know how else to live life.

It was easy for people to hurl insults and judge people who had chosen to live their lives like I did mine.

But what they sometimes never knew was, for some of us it was the only way we knew how to live.

The only way we could survive.

Over the last weeks, I had tossed and turned at night when everyone went to bed, wondering what I could do with myself.

I had toyed with the idea of a business, thought about dusting my resume and even thought about calling Step Down to ask for a role in his movies.

But staying independent and making money that way was not my way; it was not in my DNA.

Believe it or not, some people were meant to have pretty faces and be fucked for money – plenty of it.

“Kofo, I have thought about it. This is what I want”

Kofo quickly said, “But you caught him cheating on you with that woman”

“I don’t care for what he does with his body, his heart and body aren’t mine and mine aren’t his. So he can do whatever he wants and it would never hurt.”

She looked like she wanted to cry; she had given up hope on me and she was worried.

I could see that; the sad look in her eyes that made the gloomy weather on a rainy day seem bright was all I needed to see.

“Kofo I am in love with Steve. But I really cannot have him not after I have complicated the situation for us all. And I tell you, that is the only person in the world that can make me decide not to marry Chimezie and we both know he won’t even dare.” She was going to say something but I was not letting her. I did not want her to be able to convince me, “Kofo, I would be fine. I promise. I would call you when I get back”

And with that, I stepped out of the house and fought back the urge to cry.


When I first started taking expensive trips with Cherokee, I had been exhilarated.

I remember the first trip we had taken to Mauritius; I had been literally giddy with excitement, grinning from ear to ear as we strolled into our hotel suite and I saw the breathtaking view the room offered.

It had been amazing; the food, the wine and the ‘every single thing’.

And of course, LJP was the god of great twisted sex and splurging on holiday trips that could make a lifestyle magazine look boring.

So I had also had my share of the great life when I was with him.

And that was probably why I was not in the least bit excited about the current trip I was on.

Chimezie gently pulled me closer as we made our way towards our suite.

I was exhausted and I also was not looking forward to this vacation.

“Lolo, are you okay?”

I managed a smile but he was not buying it.

“You have been behaving like a strange person since I was hospitalized. I understand…”

“I am okay. Ah!” I snapped and stormed off, leaving him trailing behind while he yelled my name.


Chimezie had called my number constantly for days in the last two weeks and I eventually had to pick to tell him to quit calling.

Except when I did, he’d been crying over the phone, asking me to come over.

And at the house, I had met his kids who wanted us to get back together because their father had not been the same since he met me.

He clearly also couldn’t remember Nkiru’s mouth on his dick. Either that or he purposely chose to ignore it.

And I also refused to talk about it.

But as we had breakfast the day after we arrived in Paris, on the balcony of our expensive suite, the gentle breeze of the beach blowing the freshness of the deep blue water our way, I realized I was actually irritated.

“Lolo…” He had been careful with the way he talked to me since I yelled at him and stormed off the day before. And if I was not feeling so cranky, I would actually have softened up.

“Lolo please eat”

I eyed the beautiful sight in front of me with disinterest and focused my attention on the waves of the sea.

In front of me were two plates of food; one containing donut and croissant, the other containing scrambled egg, fresh onions and vegetable.

By it was a steaming cup of coffee and water melons in a smaller plate.

And all of that should normally make me hungry, except for some reason I could not shake away no matter how hard I tried, I was feeling gloomy.

And I wished I could attribute it to something but I honestly could not.

It was some sort of foreboding; as if something terrible was going to happen in the nearest future.

“I knew what Nkiru did to you while you slept there like nothing was happening.” I said, my attention still glued to the beautiful sight of nature that was spread out in form of the water before me.

“I am sorry”

The genuine way his mouth spoke the words forced my attention back to his face.

“I could not push her away. She came, she said she did not know why I did not marry her instead of you and she asked ‘is it because she used to do this?’ then she went and then put her mouth on my manhood.”

If I could not see how horribly he felt, merely by staring at him I would have ignored him.

But I could see the sadness and apology in his eyes.

“And I know that is why you were shouting at me yesterday and refusing to carry the phone whenever I call.” He held my hands gently and added, “Please forgive me my baby. Please.”

I was going to marry this man; he was sweet and kind and he loved me.

I was going to marry him and nothing was going to stop me.


We took a walk by the beach after breakfast, Chimezie willingly taking photos of me in front of the beach and in my Angel Provocateur bikini as I posed effortlessly by the water.

We took numerous selfies and then returned to our hotel room, where we had lunch and enjoyed a movie together.

“I can understand if you want to take your time, Lolo”

Was he kidding?

I was not taking my time, the time was now.

We could get married in this place.

In fact, what was stopping us?

“I don’t need time. Now is fine” I replied and watched his face widen into a smile – the type you only saw on a kid who was handed his favorite candy.

He leaned closer for a kiss, his mouth drawing in my lips and then, slowly taking my tongue in.

Slipping his hands under my top, he found a boob and teased my nipple.

“I want to make love to you” He whispered

“Are you sure?” I asked, remembering what happened the last time we both tried that.

He chuckled, “Hian, you don’t trust my man power?”

I laughed, “No Chimezie. I am just worried for you”

“Bia, let me show you there is no need to worry”

He sat up, pulled my legs and laughed when I shouted in shock.

He got rid of my clothes in seconds and placed my hand on my clit, urging me to touch myself.

Who knew Sugar Daddy from Onitsha was a freak, huh?

He bit his lower lip as my manicured fingers toyed with my clit and slid in and out of my very wet pussy at the same time.

My legs were spread out now, each placed on his shoulders.

I smiled, lifted a finger to my mouth and tasted myself.

He moaned, I winked.

And without warning, he revealed his rock hard dick and thrust into me.

I was in heaven when that happened.

I no fit lie you.


After thirty minutes, Chimezie and I were done with round one as he put it.

And while I laid by my side, enjoying the way his fingers fondled my breasts, I heard my phone buzz.

I grabbed it and checked, it was an email.


I hardly received emails.


Curious to see who it might be, I opened it and saw it was Steve.

I cannot be without you, Kaycee. Please come home to me. Please.

  • Steve

And just like that, the message changed everything.





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  1. Tomilola, please what Paris are you referring to with beaches and all that? Surely not the one in France. It would be lovely if you accurately represented actual geographic locations so that your readers are able to be completely drawn into the story.
    Just an observation from a fan

    1. Hey Jinx. Thanks for the observation darling. But Paris does have artificial beach(es) which i am certain you’re familiar with (if you travel during the summer which I am sure you do 🙂 ). Plus as a Writer, I am not limited by reality – This is regarding the hotel overlooking the beach kaycee and Chimezie are staying at.
      And make i no lie you, I haven’t been to these countries i write about (yet) neither have i rocked half of the labels. But I do research on all of these things (a lot!). You can be rest assured (Hmm followed Prada, Givenchy, Zanotti, Alexander Wang and a whole lot of other designers on Instagram to have a visual understanding of what I am writing about. I also stalk some certain popular “sugar babies” to attempt getting into their heads and know how they sometimes think)
      But I do appreciate your comment sha. Hope you enjoyed this episode?

      Love you baby. Chop kiss ?

  2. Tomi good one as usual.apart from the fact data Steve and akt are cousin, I feel sugar babe loves him and dat is the only person dat can change is a very strong thing and helps us sugar babe I support u r Steve, don’t marry for pity or as a result of last resort.

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