Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #22 By @Tomilola_Coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

Guys I am so sorry for going off on you for two weeks. So so sorry. I’m back now I promise. And we should finish SDC this week.



I hated the smell of Hospitals.

It did not matter whether they were privately owned or Government owned, Hospitals smelled like death and disinfectants and usually, made me want to puke.

Except right now, as I sat alone in the corner I was in the reception, waiting for updates on Chimezie’s health, I could not think of my hatred for Hospitals.

All I could think of was how fucked up my life was presently.

When Chimezie had collapsed on top of me, I had screamed.

And Nkiru had been the first to burst in, making me wonder if she had been standing by the door all the while willing for the unfortunate situation to happen.

She’d grabbed Chimezie, felt his pulse like she knew what the heck she was doing, sent an icy look my way and then called for his kids to call the family Doctor.

It did not help matters that I was half naked, struggling to cover up my boobs with my hands.

Over the past few months and Sugar Daddies, I had actually had a few moments when I was sober.

But I had also quickly returned to the next rich dick.

Now, I wondered if I needed help.

I had never worked a day in my life – except working on top of men counted – so going out there to get a job and be responsible for myself was a very hard thing to think of.

I also did not know how to invest emotions in a relationship.

I had liked people in the past but I had never really had any meaningful relationship.

The only relationship I was close to having had been in my second year, shortly before I met AKT.

It had been with an Ex’s best friend.

His name was Daniel, a dark skinny Engineering student who had struck up a conversation with me for the first time on Twitter.

I did not know who he was or that he was friends with my ex. I just knew he was smart and he made me laugh a lot and in a short time, we’d been really close.

I also remember the first time we saw was at a friend’s party at the School Quarters and we’d kissed and fucked in another friend’s car hours after.

I had fallen hard and fast for him, only for him to develop cold feet and run away.

He couldn’t betray his friend, he’d said.

But the mumu had fucked me senseless.

That was not betraying his friend.

I stopped talking to the idiot after then but it took me months to get over his retarded ass.

And since then, I had not felt anything for anyone. Anyone except Steve.

“Kelechi? Who is Kelechi, please?”

I was on my feet in seconds, crossing to the side of the Doctor who was asking for me.

“Kelechi the gold digging prostitute. She’s here.” I heard Nkiru say. And I wanted to answer her but first, I had to make sure that old man who collapsed while he was still right inside my pussy was alive.

“Here” I said to the Doctor, who was a White guy.

“Come with me” He said and I followed, ignoring Nkiru’s hisses and murmuring.

She could go and hug an oncoming vehicle for all I cared.

“He couldn’t even ask for his children” I heard her say as I disappeared through the corridor that snaked all the way to the floor Chimezie’s ward was on.

“What happened to him though?” I was looking at the Doctor well for the first time now. He had a sky blue shirt under his ward coat, a shirt that was the same color as his eyes.

He reminded me of one of those hot white men stripping to their boxers on GQ Magazines or the ones who effortlessly made me horny in sex scenes in Hollywood movies.

“He has a heart disease.”

Of course he does. Carry on.

“And usually, he’s not supposed to have sex under certain conditions. One of those times is when he’s just had a heavy meal or is incredibly nervous.”

We had just eaten when Chimezie and I fucked.

That made me feel awful – he had not wanted the sex, I had forced it on him and in turn his heart could literally not take it – I should not have pushed it.

“But is he okay now?” I wanted to know if his heart was now in perfect condition.

“Sure, he is. Just a little rest and you can have him back with you.”

I managed a smile as we walked into the ward.

I could swear I saw the Doctor’s eyes sweep over me as I took my space near Chimezie on his hospital bed.

He looked frail but hey, he was alive.

I managed a smile, to be honest smiling was an effort.

I was worried and scared shitless.

Was this what I had to cope with? Did I always have to worry that my husband’s heart would fail while he was tapping that ass?

My heart tied in knots – I did not want this, no amount of money in the world could make me put myself in such a situation, none – this could not happen.

I sighed, about time I purchased a freaking life and a job.

He reached for my hands and gripped them.

I could see he was trying to hold them firm but that was not working so well.

It had to be because of all that stress his heart had gone through.

I kissed him slightly on the forehead.

“Lolo” He began to say, “I am sorry.”

“It’s okay.” I replied, “As long as you’re healthy. Everything is okay.”

He managed a smile, “I know you would want to change your mind.”

Well, I desperately wanted to for real.

But I had to think this through.

Because, who would buy the red bottoms? The designer bags? Who would pay for Spa treatments? Who would maintain the lifestyle?

And I had not posted a picture of my engagement ring on Instagram yet, but how do I explain the demise of such a beautiful ring.

“I would stick by you, Chimezie” I replied and placed yet another kiss on his forehead.

“Thank you. You’re a rare gem.”

Of course I was a rare gem and so was the gem on my fourth finger.

Fucking beautiful expensive rare gem.


The hot Doctor was getting coffee when I went in search of a cup.

Chimezie’s family and that Nkiru individual were with him in his ward.

And as much as I wanted to drag that Nkiru woman by her hideous Ankara, I also did not want to be in the Hospital for much longer – I needed to sleep so bad – a good night rest was what I needed not a Hospital tour.

“Hey.” White guy was saying to me as he stirred his coffee.

He was lean with a well-toned body, the type that usually belonged to Swimmers. His face had striking features and I bet if I looked closely enough, I’d see my reflection in his extremely white teeth.


“You can call me Brad” He said and I smiled in response.

I was filling my paper cup with water from the Dispenser now.

“So is Chimezie your husband?”

I chuckled, “Nah. We’re engaged.”


I faced him immediately, sad?

He smiled, “You’re gorgeous, and no one would expect you to be with a guy like that.”

“Thanks Brad.”

“When did you start dating?”

“Not so long ago” I said. Actually, we never dated. But I am not one to say no a beautiful ring.

“Was there a reason you chose him though?”

Wait, what was this one trying to do? Was he actually hitting on me? I was curious.

I shrugged, “I don’t know, guess he was just you know, the one who asked at the time.”

He threw his head back and laughed, a laughter that sounded so delicious and as beautiful as his eyes.

“So if anybody had asked, they’d have gotten you.”

I shrugged, “Maybe.”

Once again, his blue eyes took me in. He was definitely hitting on me.

“So if I knew you then, you would have been engaged to me.”

Okay, Dr Brad you want to collect your Patient’s Fiancée?

“Who knows?”

My cousin Kofo fucked a White man once and the tales after are still etched in my memory three years on.

She’d mentioned how small he was compared to the Nigerian and Ghanaian guys she’d been with but she also mentioned how amazing he was in bed.

Amazing and experimental.

He’d fucked her almost everywhere except the roof.

And for some reason, as I lifted the paper cup to my lips the second time since we got to the Dispenser, I actually thought of fucking Brad.

“Pity I did not meet you earlier then.”

“Pity” I said as I lowered my gaze, settling my eyes on his zipper. I knew I’d have given almost anything to know the size of what was behind that zipper.

But I needed to also remember that I was engaged to be married to someone.

I needed to respect that.

I had to.

“My Office is just two doors away from Chimezie’s ward” he said “Just in case you need anything.”

I smiled in response and made my way back to the Reception.

Chimezie’s children and Nkiru were still not back.

I sat in silence as the minutes passed.

I needed to sleep so bad.

Maybe I had to go tell Chimezie that and drive back to a Hotel close by.

I stood and made my way to his ward.

Brad’s invitation lingered in my head, I knew if I went to his Office something was definitely going to happen.

And as much as I was open to the idea, I knew the only thing I had to be opening was the door to my Fiance’s hospital room.

I stepped in, shocked by the sight in front of me; Nkiru’s head was bent, her mouth on Chimezie’s cock and her hand gripping it as she worked her mouth on him.

She licked his balls and returned the cock to her mouth.

He was moaning, lost in the ecstasy of what she was doing to him.

I was completely dumbfounded.

Why hadn’t they locked the door? And where were Chimezie’s kids?

Nkiru suddenly looked up and saw me, then as if nothing had happened, she returned to her business.

Chimezie’s eyes were closed, his whole being lost in the deep ocean of passion Nkiru’s mouth had drowned him in.

I said nothing and I did what I did the very first time I found out someone was cheating on me – I went in search of the closest dick.


Brad was watching porn on his Tab when I found him in his Office.

I had knocked, he’d answered and when I had walked in, I had immediately noticed the bulge in his pants.

He’d blushed, embarrassed by the fact that I had to see that.

“That turned on, eh?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Nah, Brad. Don’t be. I don’t mind.”

My hand was zipping his trousers down now.

“Are you sure…”

“Of course.”

I found his cock, apart from being rock hard he was bigger than I had expected.

That turned me on.

“Fuck me while you can, Brad.”

I said and he raised my skirt, tore off my pant and shoved his cock into my pussy.

And as he began to fuck me breathlessly, I knew I had gotten my revenge over Chimezie.

I also knew I needed help and maybe one more thing only one person in the world could give…




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    1. Did u say crazy? Over craze dey worry dat Kaycee girl! Ha!! This one don pass be careful tay tay! My heart is in my mouth on her behalf.

  1. Kelechi sef…i don taya for u but i cnt help but admire u…i hope u come out a winner in all dis….u get ur love nd riches at d end of d day cos dts wt all dis is all abt at d end of d day ……money nd dick

  2. Ahan lati joi joi..the waiting was like forever, pls dont leave us again o..unless u want wot happen to chimezie while inside kaycee to happen to some of us..Lol..but wait o, girls like kaycee still exist?..Lol, d babe no get chill..Aunty nkiru tho,iya toh like lollipop.

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