Stevie Wonder Sues His Dead Lawyer, Says He Took Advantage “Of A Blind Man”

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Stevie Wonder who has been blind for much of his life, in an attempt not to get duped kept many of the same people around him for years.

Apparently, the legendary Singer’s longtime friend and late lawyer has been stealing from him even after death.

According to the suit, Johanan Vigoda had put a contract in front of young Stevie’s face which says that the iconic singer would pay him 6% of all music royalties.

Unknown to the blind singer, the lawyer had sneaked in a clause that says payments to his family go on “forever.”

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Johanan died in 2011, but Stevie’s record company continued to pay his widow. Stevie didn’t realize payments were being made for nearly 2 years, and when he knew, he immediately ordered payments to be stopped.

In his documents, Stevie said he was betrayed by a man he trusted and wants a judge to declare he no longer has a duty to pay royalties adding that his friend took advantage of a blind man.

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The wife of the dead lawyer has however, filed her own lawsuit, demanding Stevie pay from the time he stopped and forever in the future.

She wants nothing less that $7 million.



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