Solidstar Says The Nigerian Entertainment Awards Are A Joke, And I Agree

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Are the NEAs a joke?

The 2015 Nigerian Entertainment Awards held on over the weekend in New York, USA.

Are the NEAs a joke?
Are the NEAs a joke?

A number of Nigeria’s popular acts took home awards, including Wizkid for Single of The Year, Davido for Best Male Act and Olamide for Best Rap Act.

Singer Solidstar, who didn’t receive any nominations, took to Twitter to throw shade at the awards.

Now, I don’t know why Solidstar is angry because I don’t know which nominations he expected to get, but I do have my own two issues with the Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Foremost, and most importantly, is their constant choice to host the awards in the United States of America.

I don’t think there is much need to explain the deficiency of sense in organizing a “Nigerian” Entertainment Awards and hosting it outside… Nigeria. Come the entire fuck on.

Secondly, as long as the Nigerian Entertainment Awards continue to be a “vote and win” award, they will never gain much credibility or respect.

Credibility because it’s very easy for people to buy these awards and they coming to lie to us that people “voted”, and respect because really, majority opinion isn’t exactly the best opinion, especially in music matters. You don’t see the Grammys posting ‘Vote Big Sean for rap album of the year.’ (I’d vote my ass out if they did though)

Bring the award show to Nigeria, and find a panel that knows actual music to give awards, and maybe people (for whatever their reasons) can stop thinking the Nigerian Entertainment Awards are a joke.

King Wana out.



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