Sex Position Of The Week: Spooning

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This is a personal favorite of mine. Spooning is a laid back, relaxing and also stimulating type of sexual experience.

It can also be called the Doze Pose, as a few women have sworn to fall asleep while going at it because as much as it can be stimulating, it can also be tranquilizing. This largely depends on how the spooning happens.


The basic spooning position entails the woman lying on her side with her man behind. Then she lifts her leg slightly for the man so he can have easy penetration. He can shift his body down a bit or she could shift hers up for better aim. when it comes to women with big backsides, the man can lift a butt cheek to help penetration.

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This is a great position when the woman is fully aroused. The pressure her leg puts on her pelvic area combined with the movement causes extra clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

However, the position may be difficult for the couple to attain if they can’t find a rhythm to their movement. But once they do, it’s a great experience. For deeper penetration, a modified spooning should be employed where the woman’s leg is help up by the man.

Otherwise, they can just both do it the laid back way. It is great for when a couple is turned up but too lazy to sweat and work up some muscles.

To increase pleasure, the man should fondle her nipples and clitoris or press his palm on her pelvis. This increases clitoral stimulation.


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