Ronaldinho Felt He Couldn’t Perform – Fluminese

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It be like that sometimes. Fluminese sporting director Mario Bittencourt has revealed that Ronaldinho left the club after two months, because he felt he’ll underperform.

Ronaldinho returned to Brazil, joining Fluminese after he cancelled his contract with Mexican side Queretero.

Unfortunately, Ronaldinho’s time at Fluminese has come to an end and Bittnecourt revealed that it was at the forward’s request.

“Ronaldinho asked us for a meeting. He respectfully told us he didn’t feel he was able to perform as good as he wanted and that it was a bad situation for him,” he told reporters.

“He asked us our opinion, we were straight with him and told him it wouldn’t work for us, so we decided releasing him was the right thing to do.

“I don’t feel that he lacked commitment and dedication to Fluminense, he’s a player who is known worldwide. He made a great gesture in saying he wasn’t being the player he felt he could be right now.

“We are somewhat frustrated, when he arrived we expected he could do for us what he did for so many other clubs. That’s what you think when you sign a player.

“He didn’t do well in Mexico, but we took our chances by bringing him back to Rio thinking he would do well again.

“I’ll never speak about whether or not he is retiring. That’s not something you say about a player of his calibre. He was always spectacular, as player and person. I can’t tell anybody what to do with their lives.”



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