Rojo Is Scared Of Van Gaal’s Bulldog Face

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This is funny. United defender, Marcos Rojo has revealed that he’s scared of Van Gaal’s bulldog face.

Van Gaal follows a regimented training method and style of play, and reports have it that senior players have spoken to the Dutchman about this.

When Rojo, who is yet to feature for United this term, was asked about Van Gaal’s style of management he had this to say.

“He has a really strong personality, but he is a great person. He has a bulldog face, but he is great guy. He’s scary at first, but when you get to know him and relate to him on daily basis, you get along. But only if you listen to him,” the 25-year-old told Fox Sports Argentina.

“He listens to us, and even speaks a little bit of Spanish, so he always takes me to his office for a pep talk.”

Rojo used the term ‘cara de perro’ to describe Van Gaal, a phrase used in Argentina for someone who rarely smiles and is usually frowning.

Former United striker Diego Forlan had claimed that Van Gaal “has never been a fan of South American players” but Rojo insists he has never been badly treated by the Dutchman.

“The fact that he holds a bad relationship with South American player is just a feeling,” said the defender.

“I’ve been there with [Antonio] Valencia, [Radamel] Falcao, Angel [Di Maria] and he treated us all the same, he never treated us differently.

“Maybe because of his [poor] relationship with Roman [Riquelme] or with Angel leaving, some poeple got the wrong idea, but he treats us all the same. He is a great person and makes no differences between Europeans and South Americans.”



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