Rock To Work – Fashion Tricks For Men This Week

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Hello to another amazing week. No sooner had the break began than it got over, yeah, plus the rain in Lagos this morning basically put everyone who had to deal with her traffic-infested city on edge. I’ll be dropping five fantastic fashion tricks for men this week to touch up his sense of style.

As much as we all enjoy a lil holiday now and then,the bills don’t take breaks, therefore we have  to get off our asses and go make money or more money (to each his own). It’s not comforting to wake up at crack of dawn each day to make someone else’s dream come true especially if you have a boss you hate, colleagues you despise and lots of excuses as to why you hate your life and your job too.

Most people in Nigeria esp, Lagos wake up as early as 4am, just to beat Gidi traffic and avoid all the unforeseen circumstances that is naturally associated with Lagos. This included trailer falling on the road causing gridlock, police-men inadequacy to properly regulate flowing traffic, as well as the rain drizzling down your face as you have to trek for lack of means of transportation, or have water splashed on you from an ongoing car or a meteor shower suddenly hits Oshodi. This city ain’t called ”Lasgidi” for nothing.

Despite all this, nothing makes anyone, both male or female feel better about themselves than being complimented on how good they  look or smell. Follow this fashion tricks for men this week as it makes you feel better about yourself.

  1. Scarfs for Men – Gone are the days of refusing to wear scarves because they feel feminine. This days proper ensemble of a scarf as a fashion trick can turn your day around with loads of compliments on your amazing sense of style when you rock one to work or an outting. scarfs for men
  2.  Nerd Glasses – Switch up your look from bland to sophisticated with just two -piece frames hanging on your nose. Nerd glasses are staying in style not just as a fashion statement but also to look knowledgeable (like you know what you’re saying even if you don’t). Do you know that glasses make a man look handsome and deep even if he’s retarded and shallow? Step up your IQ with a piece of rim.

3.  Jackets – Different from its relatives, coats, suits and blazers; Jackets have a way of completing a mans fashion style without him trying too hard. Its comfy, elegant, speaks volume and prevents the chills from getting in. It could even land you a date if you offer a babe yours during a storm, she could fall head over heels just from your warmth. jacketss-vert

4.    Fragrance – Have you ever had o turn around to spot who stepped into the room when you get a whiff of mad-ass-sweet fragrance. Smelling nice is a big plus for a man as it makes anyone around aware that you take your body serious. (Not for those  that don’t shower but douse their body in fragrance). Ladies usually keep their nose up for a whiff of sweet fragrance. You can mask yours by mixing or blending to create a unique fragrance specially for you. Although most popular designer perfumes are quite expensive, there are always affordable fragrances to fit any budget.perfumes2-vert

5.  The sweatshirt is another form of fashion trick that makes a man look smart, confident and well muscled especially if its sized to fit. It can be worn in any weather and accommodates most male ensemble. It can be worn with a polo or t-shirt, long or short sleeves and can be rocked with pants, jean, shorts etc sweatshirt-vert

Looking good equals feeling happy, so next time when you think of how to turn up your smile, look for something nice to wear, douse your fragrance and go rock your world.

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