Rick Ross Throws Meek Mill Under Bus In New Song

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Oh dear, Meek Mill’s career might really be dead.

In a new track, Foreclosures released by Rick Ross, the boss threw Meek Mill (who is signed to his label) under the bus with just one line. He rapped,

“And I never took an L, back when Meek fell.”

Fans believe the falling Ross is talking about is about when Drake finished Meek Mill during their highly publicized beef. Commentary on Rap Genius, a crowd sourced information portal that analyzes the lyrics of rap music went thus,

“Ross affirms that even though Meek took L’s in the feud against Drake, he did not, as he mostly stayed out of the situation.”

True to that statement, Rick Ross mostly stayed out of the situation and the only reference he made was a tweet which seemed to side with Drake but was later deleted.

Listen to Foreclosures below, and pay heed to the lines at the 2:51 mark.




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