Project Fame 8.0: Uncle Ben Shares A Meal With The Contestants

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Academy Day 29

Chike emerged the new captain of the academy, looking traditional and ready for the occasion as he delivered his acceptance speech.

Uncle Ben has many sides to him and one that is not in doubt to anyone is his disciplined nature. However, he also has a comic side that comes once in a while during his sessions with the contestants which sometimes gets them reeling with laughter. Due to the unpredictable nature of Uncle Ben, the contestants never really know what to expect which perhaps was the reason why they immediately suspended their lunch when Uncle Ben walked in.

Despite the fact that he urged the contestants to go back to their meals as he was willing to wait for them to finish, none of them had the courage to go back to the dining table.

In an unprecedented manner, Uncle Ben told them he was willing to help them finish the food- the meats to be precise. He proceeded to pack all the meats into a plate and ate them all!

After the comic relief, Uncle Ben proceeded to the business of the day by first commending the efforts of the contestants at the Nomination show from the previous night. He went on further to give them the songs they would be performing at the upcoming nomination show.

Mummy J stepped into the class after him and she also praised the contestants for the hard work they all put into their performances the previous night.




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