Project Fame 8.0: Contestants Talk With Family

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The 50th day in the academy for the contestants was one that got them excited as they were each given an opportunity to place a phone call to their family members.

From the reactions and conversations of the contestants, it was obvious that they had all missed home even as they got news of various activities and events that happened at home while they were away.

As the contestants placed calls to their family, the phone was mostly passed around from their mothers to siblings, cousins and friends that were around. All the contestants were showered with praises and encomiums and were encouraged not to take their foot off the pedal and go for the home run to win the competition. Their family members also promised to give them all the support they need at the grand finale coming up by the weekend.

It was made known that the contestants had been busy with making music collaborations with some A-list Nigerian music artists. The songs are meant to be remixes of the artists songs that would be performed at the grand finale coming up by the weekend where the winner and runner ups would be announced.



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