Project Fame 8.0: Contestants Learn About Digital Branding

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Academy Day 31

The contestants spent their day learning about digital branding. Personal branding has been emphasised on the show severally as the contestants enjoyed the privilege of learning from some of the best hands in the entertainment industry including Ayeni Adekunle, Kelechi Amadi Obi and Olisa Adibua.

This time around, they got a visit from Lanre Aina, a Business Development Executive at Google Nigeria. He shared with the contestants various tips that can help them enhance their personal brands and how they can fully maximize social media as budding artistes.

He told them that the advent of social media had helped to ease stress and communication which was hitherto a big problem for artistes saying it was “a two-way communication pathway, that can have tremendous impacts” on the career of a music artiste or anyone if properly utilized.

After Lanre Aina’s class, Mummy J stepped in for her class. She had the contestants play a game which she named ‘follow the leader’, even as she maintained that the contestants must remember that ‘forgetting their lyrics, not controlling their breath properly and failing to show adequate emotion must not be entertained by any of them during their upcoming weekend performance.

Ms Ige’s class was the last for the day and she also laid emphasis on the things the contestants should pay attention to if they intend to deliver their performances without any form of blemish. She reiterated some of the things Mummy J had said earlier, while she put the contestants through breath control exercises.



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