Polio Is No Longer Endemic in Nigeria! – WHO

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Polio Is No Longer Endemic in Nigeria

The World Health Organization today announced that Polio is no longer endemic in Nigeria and that for the first time, Nigeria has gone a year without recording a case.

The last recorded case was in July 2014. The Health Organization congratulated Nigeria but emphasized that vigilance will still be required so as to ensure the nation stays Polio-free.

This therefore leaves Afghanistan and Pakistan as the only two countries that have never gone a year without a new case of the disease since health organizations began tackling the worldwide problem.

Nigeria hasn’t recorded a case of polio in fourteen months, which means the disease is no longer considered endemic. But it will take another two years without a diagnosis before Nigeria is considered truly polio-free.

“Today serves not only as confirmation of Nigeria’s progress, but as an affirmation that our end goal is within reach: global polio eradication,” said Carol Pandak, director of PolioPlus at Rotary International in a statement. “And while the end is in sight, polio remains a constant threat until every country is declared free from the debilitating disease.”

Polio is a paralyzing illness that can be spread by poor sanitation and usually affects children. However it can be successfully eradicated through vaccinations and improved sanitation.



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