PHOTOS: Serena Williams Unveils Clothing Line At New York Fashion Week

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Serena Williams unveils clothing line

Days after her shock loss in the US Open, Serena Williams recorded a success at the New York Fashion Week.

The legendary tennis player unveiled her Signature Statement collection — her clothing line — at the event.

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“Throughout my life, I’ve always believed in pushing boundaries… whether it’s in tennis, business, or fashion,” Serena had said about her pieces.

‘By offering my Signature Statement collection exclusively through an innovative retailer like HSN, I’m able to communicate directly with my fans,’ she added.

Rumored boyfriend Drake was present at the show, with his song Back To Back being played as the model took the runway.

See photos of the pieces below.

Serena Williams unveils clothing line: Tennis star 'pushes the boundaries'
Serena Williams unveils clothing line: Tennis star ‘pushes the boundaries’

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