PHOTOS: Caroline Danjuma Celebrates Her Daughter’s 1st Birthday

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Caroline Danjuma’s daughter turns 1

Caroline Danjuma was a very happy woman as her daughter, Elizabeth, turned 1.

She shared photos of her baby girl, as well as the party cakes and her daughter’s jewelry.

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She also took time out to write a beautiful piece to her bundle of joy.

She wrote:

“Every time I look at you , you take my breath away… Through you I knew what courage meant , through you I knew what true love felt like , through you I knew that miracles truly exist, through you I realised God was watching over me, you came when I truly needed you the most, like a special gift you were given to me as an assurance of his continual love for me,, I cried when I got the good news.. I still can’t believe you are mine, everyone that has had the opportunity of meeting you or spending a moment with you , automatically falls in love with u, your smile could light up the universe , always happy and cheerful . thank you my sunshine for coming into my world , thank you for choosing me to be your mum, thank you for your smiles , kisses and little huggs… Even if I had nothing in this world having u is more than enough for me… I am so blessed to have you .. Happy birthday my darling . mummy luvs u always and as long as I live I will always protect u.”

See the photos below!

Caroline Danjuma's daughter turns 1: Actress celebrates baby Elizabeth
Caroline Danjuma’s daughter turns 1: Actress celebrates baby Elizabeth

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