PFA Chairman: Chelsea Are Warehousing Players

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Chairman of the Player’s Union, Gordon Taylor has criticized Chelsea for warehousing players, after 33 players joined opposition clubs on loan.

Gordon feels the players Chelsea sends out on loan will not give other players a shot at first team football, with competition in Europe also decreasing.

Over £100 million has been spent on all players out on loan from Chelsea and Gordon doesn’t support the transfer policy the blues have adopted.

“You just wonder where the number will end because it’s a pretty strong influence that one Premier League club seems to be having in so many competitions,” he said.

“It’s a bit of a worry with so many Chelsea players out on loan. It’s almost a warehousing of players. You wonder whether it brings into question the integrity of the various competitions.

“From a player’s point of view, you can see they would want to go out on loan if there is not a first-team place ­available.

“But Chelsea have an academy so you have to wonder how it is they have such a phenomenal number of players out there.”

Taylor, who was appointed to the footballers’ union after retiring in 1981, agrees that loan deals allow players to gain experience away from the parent club, but has questioned the fairness of certain negotiations.

“Players want to play and the loan system gives them that chance,” he added.

“But then there are players at these clubs in Europe who are denied the chance because others are coming in with their parent clubs paying their wages. It makes that option more ­attractive.

“So then it is not about the best team winning a ­particular competition, it is about who has the best ­relationship with the biggest clubs.

“It’s not so much something that we’ve been alerted to. It’s something that you can’t fail to notice because it has been such a phenomenal number of players out there.”



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