Not Me: De Bruyne Doesn’t Want To Be The Star

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With great power comes great responsibility. Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t want power. At least, he says he doesn’t want to be the star for City.

Manchester City broke the bank and club record, spending £54 million in bringing versatile midfielder De Bruyne from Wolfsburg to City.

Even though De Bruyne is viewed as the man to take City to the next level, the Belgium international has no desire to be that person.

“I don’t want to be the star, I just want to play well,” said the 24-year-old, who was crowned the Bundesliga’s Player of the Year last season.

“Obviously, there is a big price tag, but I had a four-year contract left and Wolfsburg didn’t want to let me go. So it is a totally different situation to if I had a one-year contract and they wanted me to leave.

“It is a lot of money, but I need to play football and I am not the only to play at City.

“At Wolfsburg, I was the star, but at the end of the day I am not the guy who speaks a lot. I don’t want to be a captain. I’m not loud in the dressing room or outside.

“That is not my style. I just do my stuff on the pitch and help the team.

“I have always been like this and I will try to stay the same. You get kids who look up to you as a role model, but I don’t know why I should change.

“I am happy with the way my life is going, and I’m happy the way it has gone for 24 years, so I don’t know why I should change. I like it quiet with my family.

“I have never been the guy who speaks and jokes the most. And I need to get to know everyone at City too.”

De Bruyne and Co. will be back in action at Tottenham on Saturday.



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  1. Enter your comment here…My fan KDB,keep your composure going. Just allow your action on the pitch to speak louder than your voice. Hoping to see you contending for D’Ballon dior soonest. And try as much to play along with your teammates,dont be selfish at any point good luck.

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