#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘The Other Side’

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The Other Side

The other side 1

Mike (Chet Anekwe) jilts a nagging lover Natasha (Uche Jombo) and moves in with Oge (Dtymi Ngozi Ibe), leading to a chain reaction.


Ike Nnaebue’s The Other Side has a rather thin story that is not enough to make up a feature film, compelling the director to needlessly elongate the love sequence between Oge and Mike.  The movie, which is a little above 60 minutes, ends abruptly as if the producers ran out of material and/or patience whilst making the film.  One wonders why they did not consider making a short film or a 1-hour TV film.


Chet Anekwe should know by now that he has played roles in at least two movies that are very similar that at times one is confused remembering which is which.  In When One Door Closes, he is the abusive/psychologically unstable husband of a woman, who divorces him to marry an immigrant, who initially married a Caucasian so as to become a U.S Citizen; but things go awry in the arranged marriage, leading to a messy divorce.


An underlying story in both When One Door Closes and The Other Side is that the leading men are involved in marriages of convenience, which end in catastrophe.  Though Anekwe is an international actor who mostly works in the US, it does him very little good to star in films, which look like one another when he can distinguish himself by featuring in exceptional films.  


Why will any reputable actor, local or international, be implicated in the same anomalies that plague Nollywood?  Unwanted Guest (starring Anekwe himself), Ije plus Gone Too Far are examples of remarkable diaspora films and Nollywood is yearning for more of such productions.


Nigeria-born actors and film-makers with international clout ought to use their reputation to advance the cause of Nollywood instead of engaging in the same practices that draw the industry back like featuring in numerous films that are not markedly different from one another.  Needless to say, The Other Side falls below expectations.


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