No Need To Sell Your kidney: Chinese Hospital Gives iPhone 6s In Exchange For Sperm, 400,000 Men Show Interest

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Looking at Chinese people’s affinity for apple products, some sperm donation centers in China have recently announced to the giving of new iPhone 6s in a campaign to encourage more sperm donations, Changjiang Times Reports.


Renji Hospital in Shangai is among several facilities using the appeal of Apple’s recently launched iPhone 6s to attract donors.

“No need to sell your kidneys – you can easily have a iPhone 6s,” the hospital says in an online posting, referring to cases in which people raised cash to fund their iPhone and iPad purchases by giving away an organ.

The hospital says if a man passes a full health examination and then makes regular sperm donations, he will be rewarded up to 6,000 yuan ($940; £610; N188000).

According to reports, the online post has already attracted over 400,000 views. A comment on the Sina Weibo social network says, “This is great! I hope that those who sold their kidneys can see this.”



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