“Nirvana” The Resort 2015 Collection By Awe!

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Nirvana, a word from the ancient Sanskrit meaning “to blow out”,
“liberation” or “freedom”. It describes a state of profound peace of
mind and release from suffering.

In this attempt, emerging fashion brand “awe! Lagos” presents a
fashion collection dedicated to the freedom fight of the legendary
Nelson Mandela, it also serves a major transition of the 2 year old
brand in the Nigerian fashion scene.

The creative director of the brand Apooyin Abiola employs zig zag
patterns, vertical lines and print as a medium to tell a story of
freedom creating casual, chick, simple, sporty and minimal ready to
wear fashion pieces.

“The concept behind the collection is to create a fashion collection
that brings about a release from the conventional and rather trite
fashion ensembles into simple and minimal fashion pieces”.

nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA000 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA001 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA001_1 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA002 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA003 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA004 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA005 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA006 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA007 nirvananobsIMG-20150902-WA008


Models: Funke Wiliiams and Taiwo (Catch 22 Models)

Photography: Ogoh Clem

Make up: Ayo Akwe For Fab Fairy.

Stylist: Daniel “dasidy” Obasi.



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