Nicki Minaj To Executive Produce And Star In ABC Comedy Show About Her Early Life

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj To Executive Produce And Star In ABC Comedy Show

You’d have to agree that Nicki Minaj has conquered the music rap scene.

Well, if you disagree then you might have to argue with your ancestors.

The Rapper who has had platinum records and is currently the only female on Forbes richest people in HipHop, has succeeded in the Rap game.

And because winning all the time in the same game gets boring, the BET winner and Miley’s most recent nemesis decided to try other things.

Ms Minaj is trying her hands on producing for the small screen.

What’s more, she is not just producing, Nicki is reportedly going to star in the production.

The capacity of her role is not yet known but she would be showing her gorgeous face and we look forward to that.

ABC tweeted about the show and Nicki retweeted to her millions of followers.


And as expected, her Barbs and Kens are super excited about the news.  


This is not the first time Nicki would be acting since she became a famous Rapper. The Feeling Myself hitmaker starred in The Other Woman alongside Cameron Diaz last year. So are you looking forward to a comedy on Nicki Minaj’s life? PS: She seems to be searching for someone to play Young Nicki on Twitter.  

This looks like something that’ll be interesting!




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