Muslim Flight Attendant Suspended For Refusing To Serve Alcohol

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Muslim Flight Attendant

A muslim flight attendant has been suspended by Express Jet for refusing to serve alcohol while on board.

The attendant, Charee Stanley, filed a discrimination complaint against her employer, because she was not allowed to express her religious freedom.

Stanley who became a Muslim two years ago, learnt that her religion does not allow serving alcohol to anyone.

Basically, she cannot drink, sell or serve alcohol to anyone.

Stanley started working for the airline three years ago, before converting to Islam.

And according to reports, there was an initial arrangement made where she can pass on alcohol requests to a colleague.

This was said to have been a suggestion by the Airline itself and according to her Attorney, it was working well until recently.

The change came about when another Employee filed a complaint suit against Stanley for not serving alcohol which is supposed to be a part of her job.

Express Jet has reportedly refused to comment on the matter.

Source: Cbs News



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