Music Review: Damz can help you get your “Awelewa”

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Damz Awelewa Music Review


Firstly, I’d love to say a very big thank you to the lovely ‘Sugar Baby’ (you’re waiting for me to say her name right? Be there) who shared the link to this lovely tune with me (even if it was by force).

Being the type who has an eclectic taste of music, i.e; ranging from ‘Fuji to Reggae to Hip-Hop to Folk even Rock…just name them! I had to give the song a listen cause you never know which song will take you’re already stressful day back on fleek.

Okay that’s all on how I got this song.

Produced Dhecade and mixed by Tee-Y Mix, Awelewa by Damz is that Afro-Highlife tune that can easily help speak on your behalf to that girl you’ve been longing for especially *when your mouth duhn talk everything wey dey your head finish*. I wonder why this song didn’t make it big as in real B I G.

For the beat, like the signature sound “Dhecade on the beat, sickness…” it’s no doubt that the producer went H.A.M (hard as a mutherf**cker) when he was baking the beat.

And as for the mixing/mastering, Tee-Y Mix did nothing but kept the good standard of quality job he’s known for. Gist: Rumour has it that Uncle Tee-Y doesn’t take it easy on artist that do trash and call it music OH (my sincere apologies for using the term *trash*).

Summing it all up, Damz who blessed the heart of the listeners with well laced/delivered lyrics made it “A Jam”.

Even if you want to be ‘single to stupor’ this song can give you a second thought.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Awelewa by Damz

Rating: 7.5/10


–  Aworoghene Michael (@Oghene_Michael)

Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

“I grew up in the age of 50 and Game ...“


  1. I like the fact that 360Nobs is not afraid to go back and revisit songs that were released long ago. There are so many releases these days that it’s easy for gems like ‘Awelewa’ to go unnoticed, while songs of lesser quality, like Davido’s ‘Dodo’, get heavy attention.

    I think that Amaikah’s ‘Sweetie my Belle’ was also overlooked when it was released. Her performance on that song is quite possibly her best to date. If Yemi or Tiwa had recorded that song, we all would never hear the end of it.

    Another overlooked hit record from just a few weeks ago is Mr. Eazi’s ‘Skin Tight’. It’s a banger that more listeners should have heard and should be talking about.

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