Mourinho: Wrong Type Of Champions At Chelsea

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Jose Mourinho has no sacking fears

Mourinho has had a lot to say about Chelsea’s form this season, blaming the players every time. And now he questions how many “serial champions” are with the team.

Mourinho’s men were top notch in the second half as they produced a momentous comeback at Newcastle to come level after conceding two goals.

Unfortunately the blues have taken just eight points from seven matches in the defence of the EPL title, leaving Mourinho to consider dropping his senior players.

“I’ve explained to the players that when the situation is open, I have to try and prepare the kids for their future and, at the same time, bring the best out of the players with more experience,” he explained during a press conference.

“But if the season becomes ‘closed’ and we can’t win trophies, I will go just with the kids instead.”

Mourinho also suggested that many of his squad are the wrong type of champion.

“There are two sorts of champions. There are those who win something, and there are lots of them,” he said.

“But there are the other champions who, during their career, win one, two, three, four, five, 10 or 20 titles.

“In this club we have 25 champions from last year, but serial champions in this squad? John Terry, Jon [Obi] Mikel and [Branislav] Ivanovic are serial champions. Almost every season they have something in the pocket. But how many other serial champions do we have?

“Last year we were champions, but the point for me is are we serial champions? Of course it’s very difficult to win every season, but you can be a serial champion in your approach and your attitude.

“Mentally I can say I am a serial champion. I can be five or 10 years without winning a title, but I will still be a serial champion in my approach and my attitude. This is the problem we have at this moment. We have champions, but not serial champions.

“At this moment it’s difficult to win the Premier League, but possible. It’s difficult to win the Champions League, but possible. It’s difficult to win the cups, but possible.”



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