Money Has Run Out: Oscar Pistorius’ Lawyer Says He Can’t Afford Another Trial

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Oscar Pistorius begins house arrest

Pistorius too broke for new trial

While the persecution continues to get Oscar Pistorius tried again for murder, his lawyer is trying to get the new trial cancelled.

Pistorius too broke for new trial: Athlete's laywer moves to cancel
Pistorius too broke for new trial: Athlete’s laywer moves to cancel

Pistorius’ lawyer, Barry Roux, argued to the South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal that a new trial would too long and complex.

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According to Roux, the reliability and objectivity of another trial would be contaminated by the overwhelming public scrutiny that followed the first hearing.

Roux also added that the first trial had left the paralympic athlete financially drained, and thus couldn’t afford a new trial.

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Another of his arguments was that Pistorius had already been cleared of murder on the same evidence that the prosecution was going to present again.

The persecution had been unhappy with Oscar Pistorius being punished for culpable homicide, and keep trying to get him jailed for murder.

The Court of Appeal will make its decision known in November.



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