Model Claims She Was Drugged At Justin Bieber’s Listening Party In Australia

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Justin Bieber

An Australian model has claimed that she was drugged at Justin Bieber’s listening party in Australia.

The model by name Bailey Scarlett had attended the gig along with other invitees but would clearly not be forgetting the night in a hurry.

Scarlett, during the party had taken a drink but not long after then had started to feel woozy.

According to TMZ, the model after realizing she was not feeling any better, stepped out for some fresh air.

Justin Bieber was said to have stepped to her to comfort her.

But even the Biebs’ hands could do nothing to heal the situation.

The model, panicking that something terrible might be going down with her, called paramedics to the scene.

She then went ahead to tweet about the situation, stating she’d had a glass of lemonade and vodka and then started to feel lightheaded after then.

But with Justin’s large fanbase, the model was sure to get backlash, which she did.

And that led to protecting both her Twitter page and Instagram account.

The video footage from the night Scarlett claims her drink was spiked has been seen and reports say nothing fishy went down.

Scarlett is reportedly being told to file a report by the Police but has not done that as of now.

Whether this was a case of low threshold for alcohol or a spiked drink for real, we hope to find out soon.

PS: Isn’t it nice that Justin comforted her when she felt sick?



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