Men Only! 7 Types Of Women You Should Never Marry

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A woman they say is a blessing from God BUT this does not apply to all women.

Some are worse than curses from the devil and the minute they step into your life, things take a turn and life becomes a living hell.

It is true no one is perfect but some women are far from good and one needs to be careful before settling with such because it can turn out to be a broken home and heavy burden.


You can know a desperate woman from the early stages of dating. She appears to be family oriented but when it becomes overboard, then it’s a clear sign she is a desperate woman. She wants to talk about starting a family right from the very first date, she is faster than normal.. be careful such woman just wants a man badly not minding the kind of man.


A selfless woman is that woman that wants your happiness just as much as hers. A selfish woman cannot build a home as she will always place her happiness before everything else not minding who gets hurt.


This type of woman can be such a nuisance. Little things makes her insecure, she will call you more than 20 times in a day just to be sure you are not hooking up with someone else. She wants to spend every minute with you because she is scared the moment she lets you go, you will be in the hands of another woman.. This type of woman will never trust you hence the need to steer clear.


You can call this type of woman the gold digger. She wants all the expensive designer items and she will go to any length to get it. She does not care about family or even children as long as she drives the most expensive car and she uses the latest phones. She is there to suck your wallet dry and leave you debilitated. This type of woman that is obsessed with material possessions will certainly not make a good wife.


This type of woman will starve you and the kids as long as she gets to party all weekend. All she cares about is dressing up gorgeously, and she can never say no to an invitation. She ends up hungover every other morning after partying. You obviously know this is not a wife material.


Don’t get me wrong, every woman deserves to be pampered once in a while but when pampering becomes the order of the day, then you know you are dating a spoilt brat. Nothing you do for this woman is ever enough as her father has probably told her she is a princess and she deserves everything. Remember there are kids involved in a marriage and it might be difficult to deal with her excesses along with the kids requirements.


This woman never takes a joke as anything you say will be taken out of context. She snaps at almost everything and will barely wear a smile. This type of woman probably has plenty of emotional baggage and will make you an angry and bitter person just like herself. You don’t need to be told before you know it’s wise to avoid such woman.


Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

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