Meet Woman Who Organizes Parties Where Adults Sexually Abuse Children

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Her name is Marie Black and she is 34 years old. She is not your regular next door neighbor. She is a sick, depraved woman who gets her kicks from organizing orgies where adults abuse little children.


Alongside her ex-husband, Jason Adams and former boyfriend Michael Rogers, both 43 and 53 years old respectively, they orchestrated a string of abuses and were found guilty earlier this year.

Marie has been convicted of 23 offences, which includes conspiracy to rape, rape and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, following the emotional-laden trial at Norwich Crown Court in the UK. Her partners in crime were found guilty of 27 counts which inludes cruelty, rape and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Adams and Rogers were sentenced to 24 years and will not be considered for release for at least 16 years.

Marie has been sentenced to life.

It has been reported that Marie sobbed unrestrained all through the sentencing and hearing.

The three child abusers were reported to have invited other adults to their parties and then abused the children by playing card games to determine who would abuse them.

In fact, the attacks became so frequent that at some point, the children accepted them as normal part of life.

Judge Coleman read out: ‘You, Marie Black, were the constant factor in all of these crimes.

‘The offences included adults conspiring to rape children at so-called sex parties. You used them for you own, and for others, sexual gratification.’

‘It amounts to child sexual abuse of the most serious kind.’



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