Madonna Flashes Her 57 Years Old Tatas During Performance [Photos]

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Madonna Flashes Her 57 Years Old Tatas During Performance [Photos]

When you’re Madonna, flashing body parts is not exactly new.

But when you’re 57 year old Madonna and you still think the world is in on it, then, you’re absolutely wrong.

The successful Pop star, definitely forgot Rihanna is the new pant showing girl on the streets and decided to treat the world to her tatas while on tour yesterday.

Problem is, we’re not sure anyone wanted to see it.

Madonna, did not only open her er… you know what. She grinded against a younger male dancer and pretty much turned on the sexy during her performance.

Madonna 3

You would remember the cringe worthy Drake kiss earlier this year and the backlash and memes that followed it.

And you might also remember her fall while on stage during performance.

We hope this one does not trend or generate memes.

Because that’ll mean we would have to see these images more than once.

And that, we do not want.

Thanks for nothing, Madonna!

Photos: Mail Online



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  1. this article is such bullshit. Madonnas tits stayed in her costumes, I was there evidently you just posted shit you read from the daily mail, and tried to make yours seem more alluring by putting the word tatas, way to bullshit., and further more, last night that arena was alllllll about madonna she would have gotten cheers if she had pulled out a tit, your site blows.

      1. Why should she chill? Because you say so or because you think Rihanna has that covered” as you said above? I love Rihanna, but Rihanna has brought nothing new to the table other than pumping out hits written for her. Madonna changed the world whether people want to accept that or not and she can do whatever she wants and doesn’t need a gossip blogger’s permission to be who she is.

  2. How can anyone take this article seriously! Watch the videos of these stills on You Tube to see who’s got a vivid imagination here or is just a lying sensationalist. As others have said , she did not flash the flesh but if she had you would have seen 35 yr old boobs at the most!

  3. Another nobody gossip blogger trying to make a name for themselves with the sensationalist eternal loser crowd and get more traffic. It’s ok, Madonna has destroyed all of your faves records and will never be beaten no matter how much you tantrum toddlers stomp your feet and cry!

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