Lampard: Terry Still Has A Role To Play At Chelsea

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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard is very confident that his former teammate, John Terry still has a lot to offer Chelsea.

Terry has been a subject of criticism so far this season, after stringing a couple of bad matches, which saw him dropped against Arsenal.

Lampard, however, believes that Terry still has a lot to offer the Stamford Bridge club, at his age.

“I think John can carry on for years. I’ve been through it, everyone goes through it as you get into your 30s,” he told ESPN.

“The minute you turn 30, everyone starts to speculate how much you’ve got left. So the minute you don’t play well, people start to talk about it.

“But I know John’s attitude and I know his quality. I think he’s 34 years of age and the way he plays, how quick his mind is at his position, I see him being an important part of Chelsea for a few years to come.

“John is an emblem of the club so I think fans always relate to him being there, he’s a huge part of the success we’ve had over the last 10 or 12 years. So I’d like to see him carry on there but again, it’s not my decision.”



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