Kylie Jenner Reveals She Is Not Engaged To Tyga, Explains That Video That Fuelled Rumors

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been in the middle of engagement rumors for a while now.

And yesterday, when a Snapchat video of Tyga talking about his fiancée surfaced, the rumors went over the edge.

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Tyga, 25 who denied dating Kylie until she turned 18 in August has been suspected to be taking their relationship to the next level a couple of times.

And these rumors did not just come from anywhere.

They had been because of social media messages and a particular ring Kylie was spotting at a time.

And, because Kylie hinted at being engaged on an episode of I am Cait.

In the episode, Kylie’s paternal grandmother (Caitlyn’s mother before she transitioned) showed Kylie a picture of herself when she was 17.

Then Caitlyn revealed that his mother was engaged at the time.

To which Kylie responded, “Kinda like me”.

However, those rumors were left alone until the Tyga snapchat video surfaced.

But during the livestream on their websites yesterday, Kylie revealed there was no engagement.

When Kim had asked her about the reason Tyga had referred to her as his Fiancee, Kylie revealed that it was nothing.

The 18 year old said it was just Tyga imitating a video he had seen on Instagram earlier.

Okay, Kylie.




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