Kim Kardashian: East West, No. Easton West Maybe

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Kim Kardashian: East West, No. Easton West Maybe

Kim Kardashian is probably the only mother in history who has had to endure silly baby names being suggested to her. And even though we kinda get why it sometimes annoys her, we don’t blame the suggestions.

The Reality star and her Rapper superstar husband Kanye West named their first child North.

So it kinda isn’t so surprising that the rest of the world thought compass when suggesting baby names for the baby she’s currently carrying.

However, Kim might have objected to East West and South West when it was suggested but the star is admitting it gave her an idea of a name she might actually like.

During her visit to Ellen Degenerees’ show, the famous mother of one said that East West is totally out of the way but, Easton West is not a bad idea.

According to her, she actually likes Easton.

However, she is not certain her husband who has expressed his interest in running for presidency in 2020 would like it.

But left to her, she would go with that.

Kim K is due for baby number 2 in December.



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