Kim Kardashian Dethroned As Queen Of Instagram

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Taylor Swift is the new queen of Instagram

Two weeks after Kim Kardashian surpassed Beyonce as the most followed person on  Instagram with 45 million followers, Taylor Swift jumps in ahead of the reality TV star with 100,000 followers.

New Queen of Instagram
New Queen of Instagram

When Kim Kardashian overtook Beyonce, she did so with only 44,005,604 followers while Beyonce had 43,935,648 followers. Now Kim’s followers has increased to 45.5 million, but Taylor still comes top with 45.6 million followers. Beyonce meanwhile, has just 45 million followers.

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The 25 year old Taylor Swift is yet to acknowledge her feat, unlike her predecessor who took to Instagram to thank her loyal supporters, writing: ’45 million Instagram followers!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!’. The caption was followed by an image of Kim Kardashian’s well known cleavage showing from behind a sweater with a plunging neckline.

45 million Instagram followers!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!

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