Kevin Hart Discusses Wedding Date And, Why It Might Not Happen.

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has opened up about his wedding date, why it might not happen and his part in the wedding.

The comedian, gave an exclusive interview to Entertainment Tonight and discussed his upcoming nuptials.

Hart says his wedding would be coming up next year August, saying of it, “I’ve got to put the chocolate in the freezer”.

Kevin Hart and his fiancée Eniko Parrish got engaged last year.

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And being the outspoken person that he is, trust Kevin Hart to say the reason the wedding might not happen.

She has a number, if she goes above this number it is not happening. That’s all I did, I gave her a budget.

Wonder what the budget for a celebrity wedding would be.

Hart also revealed he has left all the planning and everything else (of course he’s dropping the money) to his soon to be Mrs.

He’s told her that she can do everything she wants and just come to him with “the finished product”.

Of course Kevin, the woman’s who has the last say on these things. Not you.

Kevin and Eniko might seem happy now but they had to deal with a lot of backlash when they got together, especially since Kevin was once married.

But love they say conquers all – with all the love and money in Kevin’s bank account,these two are bet to win this battle against the world.

Watch Kevin talk about it all in the video below…



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