Jidenna Talks To Billboard on Nigerian Music & Wizkid

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Jidenna Talks To Billboard

Jidenna, who Billboard described as “The Nigerian-American MC/singer”, sat with the publication to discuss about his music.

What caught our attention was his explanation of how  his Nigerian heritage impacts his music and his picking Wizkid as the biggest Nigerian artist right now.

When asked how African music has affected his own sound, Jidenna said;

Oh, it’s profound. Even if the production doesn’t feel African, the vocal delivery — singing through your nose. Specifically, Highlife music from Nigeria. That was the first music I ever heard as a child. So singing through my nose is something I do often, and that’s directly rooted in my heritage.

At large, I feel like we’re entering into a time when hip-hop music in the states, and pop and hiplife and all types of genres across the African continent are emerging, in general. I think they’ll be even more influential as I continue.

On which Nigerian artists he thinks are really blowing up right now, Jidenna voted Wizkid.

Wizkid, of course, in the U.K. — his sound is undeniable. I love his voice, I love his production team. I was just hanging out with them recently. He’s definitely be one where I’m looking forward to what’s to come, and I love his catalog already.



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