In Akwa Ibom, Pastor Robs Widow At Husband’s Funeral

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Akwa Ibom: Pastor Robs Widow



Akwa Ibom
Map: Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria



A self-proclaimed pastor has been arrested for allegedly robbing a widow at husband’s burial in Akwa Ibom.

Apostle Nsikak Etim, Founder and General Overseer of one City of Reality Christian Centre, admitted to have stopped by the burial that he was not invited to and catered away over N600, 000, two cell phones belonging to the widow and her late husband, a cheque book with an ATM pin written at the edge of the cover, an ATM card and a briefcase containing the late husband’s documents, which was handed over to the woman’s son for safe keeping.

The pastor, immediately used the stolen cash to acquire a land in Uyo, emptied his victim’s account, gave his wife the widow’s deceased husband’s phone, while he kept for himself the widow’s phone.

According to Daily Independent reports, the culprit was tracked down by the Department of State Services (DSS) through the stolen phones and was arrested while conducting a church session at his City of Reality Christian Centre, Ediene Ikot Obio Imo in Uyo.

“Please don’t send me to jail. The devil is trying to rubbish my ministry. Please do not involve my wife in this, she is innocent, I did not tell her where I got the phone from. I don’t want our child to grow up without a father, please have mercy upon me”. He pleaded during the interrogation after admitting to the crime.

He also did what criminals are known for, “blame the devil for the crime” adding that he’d hand over the land acquired to the widow.



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