Grace Jones: Kim Kardashian Is Basic For Recreating Iconic Champagne Glass Pose

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Grace Jones

Grace Jones is a supermodel; one of the first black famous models there ever was.

And she might be unknown to this generation but once upon a time, she was the real deal.

The now 67 year old first created the pose Kim Kardashian reportedly broke the internet for last year.

The pose which features Kardashian balancing a glass on her naked ass while holding champagne in her hands was done by Jones many years ago.

The Jamaican model who was once romantically involved with the photographer who also recreated the pose with Kim is however not a fan of Kim recreating her pose.

And she is not a fan of any celebrity who recreates anything of hers without due credit.

The list ranges from Kim to Nicki to Gaga and even Beyonce.

Grace Jones recently released her book and excerpts from it reveal her displeasure at Kim copying her.

She called Kim basic and sees no art in doing what something already did.

Read what she had to say…

When he took a photograph of Kim Kardashian with a champagne glass perched on her ass in an impossible pose like the ones he did with me over thirty-five years ago, I asked him why he was giving her – a basiccommercial product – his ideas? This seemed to contradict his spirit of integrity, which he has protected for so long. Why was he repeating himself, just to give her a little flare of publicity, quickly absorbed by the next puff of self-promotion?”

Well, he replied, ‘I got the feeling that if I didn’t do that photograph, she would have simply copied the idea anyway. I might as well copy myself.’ His ideas are are so powerful that repeating them decades later still causes a hell of a fuss, however temporary…He might have done it to wind me up a little as well. Which he did.

Here’s a photo of Grace Jones doing the pose Kim later recreated

Grace Jones And of course Kim’s which well, you’re already familiar with…

Kim Kardashian



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