Ghana To Attract Men To Live Matches Using Beautiful Women

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Ghana, Ghana, Ghana!!!! This country keeps doing things that make them the butt of Nigerian Twitter jokes. The Ghanaian FA has done it this time as they look to increase the attendance of men at League matches in Ghana by getting beautiful women to the stadia

This may seem desperate but Kwesi Nyantakyi doesn’t care as he looks to increase the attendance at Ghanaian games. Ghanaian men are reportedly more interested in staying home and watching the Barclays premier league rather than go to the stadium to watch live matches in Ghana. Attendance of football matches in Ghana has dropped by 55 percent in the last 10 years and Nyantakyi is desperate to remedy that. When asked about his plans, the president of Ghana’s FA was straight to the point “How are they going to do it? I hear you ask? Simple. By filling stadiums with sexy ladies That’s right, the GFA chief thinks that if there are lots of attractive women in the stadiums then hoards of men are bound to flood in. I have said this thing over and over again… we must let sexy ladies enter our stadia and the men will readily follow them into the stadium to watch games,” he told Monti FM.

“Most of these men when they hear that beautiful girls are coming to the stadium today, they’ll all jump and follow them to the stadium… and they are going there purposely to see the ladies.” Apparently, Nyantakyi has tried this before “I remember there was one match that we brought some beautiful girls who were in nice jeans to the stadium. The men in the stands went into frenzy and when the ladies waved at them – come and see how jubilant they were.” The premier football Administrator in Ghana told the reporter.

Now, we do not know how the Ghana FA plans to get the girls to the stadia but we know that it works. We saw it work on Saturday at The Twitter Premier League. So, that might not be a bad idea after all.




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