Gerrard: I’m Now A Z-List Celebrity

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Following a 17 year spell in the Premier League with Liverpool, Steven Gerrard completed a move to LA Galaxy and said he is enjoying life in California as an obscure personality.

‘I couldn’t be happier right now,’ the former Liverpool captain told Hello magazine. ‘I’ve gone from not being able to walk down a street without being stopped every five minutes to being a Z-lister out here and that’s cool. I love it.” Gerrard was referring to his lack of celebrity status in Los Angeles, a city that is full of some of the biggest stars in the world, including some musicians, Hollywood stars and of course, the Kardashians. Gerrard also stated that he was enjoying being a father a lot more ‘I’ve become a cool dad all of a sudden because I can take the kids out and no-one interferes. We can take them to the park, the beach, fairgrounds, water parks and be there for six hours and I might hear one person say my name and they’re not even sure if it’s me, so I just smile.” Gerrard was talking to reporters on holiday as he was enjoying the international break with his family.

Well, congrats on you loss of celebrity status Gerrard but this proves once and for all that you are not on David Beckham’s level. In 2007 when Beckham moved to the MLS football wasn’t as big as it is now in the United States but Beckham commanded a record crowd to his unveiling and was an instant star in LA.

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