Drake Attacks Nicki Minaj In New Song

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On new collaborative mixtape with Future, Drake attacks Nicki Minaj on a song titled “Diamonds Dancing” even going as far as bringing her momma into the mix.

In his final verse on the track, Drake raps about someone who’s “doing me dirty,” and taunts the person in question about how “that n***a can’t save your soul.”

The verse goes;

You doing me dirty. How we let it get like this I don’t know.
That nicca can’t save yo soul. Haven’t even heard from you.
Not a single word from you. How can you live with yourself.
Ungrateful bytch. Ungrateful bytch! Yo momma a be ashamed of you.
I’m too good for you. He a perfect match for you.
Unstable. Doing me dirty.
You look drained, you look exhausted them late nights ain’t good for you.
You should go back to him. Perfect match for you.
Unstable. Ungrateful bytch, unstable.

And that’s not all. He also took shots at Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, and had a whole separate message for Meek on another one of the songs.



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