DoomsdayProphet: Lehmann Says Chelsea Won’t Win The Title

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To Mourinho and every Chelsea fan, of which I’m one, he is a doomsday prophet. Jen Lehmann has stated Chelsea have no shot at the title.

Three defeats, a win and a draw leave Chelsea, the reigning champions, sitting in the 17th position with just four points.

And former Arsenal goalkeeper, Lehmann doesn’t see Mourinho mounting a turnaround for Chelsea at thus stage.

And the stats are against Chelsea, with no team winning the trophy with a start this bad.

“Now he probably wants to show people that, even with a bad start, he can become a champion, which would be special again,” Lehmann told Omnisport ahead of the club’s clash with Arsenal on Saturday.

“But we will see. I doubt that, because they are already 11 or 12 points behind [Manchester City], so he needs to pull out something really special to get that right again.

“I don’t know whether he is capable of doing that.”



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