Did Beyonce Miss Road In This Denim Ensemble? You Be The Judge

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Did Beyonce Miss Road In This Denim Ensemble?

She is usually the queen of fashion but did the award winning Artiste miss it with her latest denim ensemble?

Bey in Denim: The star has rocked denim ensembles in the past as seen here
Denim Lover: Bey clearly is about that denim life

Mrs Carter and her record label exec husband, JayZ both stepped out to grab pizza yesterday.

And as usual, the two looked drunk in love as they made their way to satisfy their cravings.

Beyonce and Jay who are Parents to Blue Ivy, had the attention of everyone as usual.

And that is why we cannot help but notice Queen Bey’s denim choice.

The Flawless Singer and her family just ended a vacation but did she end her great fashion choice too?

Bey has inspired many fashion trends, choices and even has a word credited to her in the dictionary.

So we’re going to have to let you decide if this combination should stay or go away.

Beyonce Beyonce 2 Beyonce

Beyonce is rocking a pair of distressed denim overalls and denim shirt on this date with her Rapper beau.

Compared to the previous times (as shown earlier in the post), this particular ensemble seems to hide the curves.

Still she manages to slay in it.

So what say you? Is this a great choice compared to the other times the Grammy winner has rocked denim?

Or is it a no-no?




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