Dabota Lawson Shades Linda Ikeji For Using Her As An Example Of Bleaching

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Dabota Lawson, wife of billionaire, Prince Sunny Aku and ex beauty queen yesterday made an Instagram post about Linda Ikeji after the blogger used her as an example of ladies that bleach.

Linda Ikeji, in a post titled “What is white girls and dark knuckles?”, asked a seemingly innocent question,

I noticed Dabota Lawson Aku’s knuckles in a video she posted on her instagram page teaching people how to use her makeup. Doesn’t the creams they use work on knuckles?

As sweet and good-natured as that question might seem, it carried some low key venom for pointing out that Dabota has been bleaching/skin lightening – something that people who have lightened their skin do not like being brought up.

Dabota Lawson

Dabota Lawson responded in kind in a similar good natured post by posting Linda Ikeji’s picture on Instagram, and pointing out that even Linda Ikeji has dark knuckles and knees. Dabota Lawson then boldly stated she is working on bleaching her knuckles too, so Linda should not worry.

(PS; I don’t see much of a contrast between Linda Ikeji’s joints and the rest of her body, but that’s just me)


Throw back to when Dabota Lawson was dark
Throwback to when Dabota Lawson was dark


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  1. Why is she angry?does she not bleach,@ayo adesanya,u actually a fair person,but u tonned up real bad,u guys are portraying dss country bad,u are suppose to b a role model

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