Chris Brown Might Be Getting A Chance To Enter Australia [Find Out What He Has To Do]

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TMZ posts Chris Brown addiction story

Chris Brown is still suffering from his 2009 assault against Rihanna

The Don’t Judge Me Singer is currently being judged by Australia based on his 09 misbehaviour.

According to TMZ, the 25 year old Grammy winner is being told my the Australian government that he is not welcome in the country.

Breezy who has a show there come December is being denied entry based on his infamous 2009 fight with his then boo Rihanna.

But what initially seemed like a bleak situation for Chris Brown is now beginning to look bright.

The government of Australia has given Brown 28 days to file documents and make a case for entry according to TMZ.

Seeing as Chris Brown has being able to win legal battles conveniently, the most recent being getting joint custody of his baby girl. We know he would fix this.





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