Chris Brown In Trouble, Again

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TMZ posts Chris Brown addiction story

Chris Brown In Trouble, Again

Chris Brown is in trouble again or so it seems.

The Loyal singer, is according to TMZ, in the middle of an assault claim.

While the drama might not be directly linked to Brown, he might get caught up in the whole situation.

And here is why, on Monday Chris Brown, Fetty Wap and French Montana were shooting a video.

The video was shot outside a club in Denver.

And Breezy’s tour bus was somewhere close on standby.

However, there was a no cellphone rule.

Cellphones were reportedly not allowed because they did not want pictures or recordings taken from the venue.

However, a woman who according to reports had nothing to with the production shoot, claimed she was forcibly thrown off the bus.

And according to her, she was thrown off because she refused to discard her phone.

In the process of being thrown out however, her phone broke.

She is now filing third degree assault against the people responsible.

And of course, since it is Chris’ tour bus, he has definitely caught the Police’s attention.

And, they want to interrogate them.

Looks like Chris Brown is an easy target for lawsuits and drama.

We wonder why the woman went on the bus with her phone after hearing of such strict rule? Or maybe she didn’t know?



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