Check Out The Payrise De Bruyne Got For Joining City

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Who says money won’t get you what you want? City offered to pay De Bruyne four times the amount Wolfsburg were paying him and that did the trick.

Sporting director at Wolfsburg, Klaus Allofs revealed that the offer was too attractive for De Bruyne to refuse and there was nothing Wolfsburg could do to keep him.

Wolfsburg were keen on keeping De Bruyne, but could do little to hold on to him when City met their asking price of £55 million.

And Allofs told Die Welt: “We spent a long time weighing up all our options and trying to keep Kevin at Wolfsburg.

“But at some point, we reached the conclusion that it would be best to allow him to move.

“When a player has an offer from another team where can make four times as much money, you have to take into account what such an offer does to a player.

“Kevin received an offer that could very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity. There is no guarantee that he would ever get such a offer again.

“We have certain limits that teams like Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona or Bayern Munich do not have. It is totally unrealistic to claim that nobody can lure players away from us.”



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