Behind The Scenes: Romance Is Overrated

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Romance Is Overrated is a series of short films written and directed by new comer Belinda Yanga-Agedah in 2013. Each story has its own title, but will be released to the general public under the name Romance is Overrated (RIO). This is because they all have the same underlying themes of doomed love, betrayal and truth.

SYNOPSIS: Romance is Overrated (RIO) is a tapestry of 3 independent, but mutually inclusive short films which reveal young individuals who are struggling with their illusions of the idea of love and commitment as they face their various demons. This unfolds in 3 chapters: Slow Fade, Romance is still Overrated and Two Colours of Rainbow.

  • Slow Fade: Slow Fade canvases the life of soulful musician TOKE whose expressions are brewed from the pain of a deep sense of regret premised on the loss of his great love, Isis.
  • Romance is still Overrated: Romance is Still Overrated frames the life of KB; whose future is left to the tenets of fate as decided by his fiancé KIKE, after he makes an Anthrax coded confession on the arrival of Nicole.
  • Two Colours of Rainbow: After a chance meeting with a mutual friend; two couples – the Mangais and the Olivers are faced with series of events that test the commitment of their relationship and, ultimately, their marriages.


Romance is Overrated was shot on Location in Lagos and Calabar and stars Bryan Okwara, Kiki Omeili, Keira Hewatch, Omowunmi Dada, Mofe Duncan, Omotu Bissong, Oyekunle Oluwaremi, Chiemele Azurunwa,  Judith Audu, Godwin Osakwe and Belinda Yanga.

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