Beef? Basketmouth Admits He Doesn’t Like Sean Tizzle; Sean Tizzle Responds

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Basketmouth vs Sean Tizzle

In an interview with Hip TV’s StreetHop, Basketmouth revealed he does not like Sean Tizzle and has added him to his black book.

Basketmouth explained how he helped the singer with about three shows in December, 2014 only for Sean Tizzle to  charge him a ridiculous amount of money when called to perform at his own show.

He said, ‘I called on Sean Tizzle and he was charging me a certain amount of money, I didn’t know if it was him or his management that charged me, but I don’t care, I had to tell my team to blacklist his name on any of my shows’.

He compared Sean Tizzle’s attitude to the humility of A-list artist, Olamide.

According to Basketmouth, ‘I called on Olamide who’s even a more buzzing act, and he said I can pay him anything I feel like, and he didn’t even ask of his money until way after the show before I paid him’

Sean Tizzle in response tweeted a message saying he has heard it all but he doesn’t care who likes him or nah, after all they came to him.



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