Back To The Roots? Seems Chiwetel Ejiofor Found Himself A Black Boo

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Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel Ejiofor Found Himself A Black Boo

Nigerian born British Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor might just be putting the smile back on a lot of Nigerian faces.

The 12 Years A Slave Actor was recently spotted two days in a row with mystery black woman.

It should be recalled that after the Academy award nominee stepped out with his ex girlfriend Sari Mercer, a lot of Nigerians went crazy.

They believed Ejiofor should have settled for an African American at least and not someone of Sari’s heritage.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is not the first Nigerian to face the backlash.

When Selma Actor David Oyelowo stepped out with his non black wife, he found himself facing a lot of questions.

Same with CFC player Mikel Obi, who recently welcomed twin boys with his Russian girlfriend.

While these men might have a strong case, we doubt anyone cared enough to listen.

And now that Mr Ejiofor is stepping out to major events with his new chic, it might just be for real.

Buhari really brought change with this regime; stable light, stronger twitter feminism and now Chiwetel’s black girlfriend.

Someone say Sai Buhari…

Chiwetel was first spotted with mystery boo on Saturday outside Manhattan hotel
Chiwetel was first spotted with mystery boo on Saturday outside Manhattan hotel

And then they were spotted on the red carpet of Ejiofor’s latest movie.


Is this for real or what?

I mean, holding hands in public and ending on the red carpet together.

How much do you need to know this means goodbye to Mercer?

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  1. I think he is exercising his right to date whom ever he wants too. This only prove one thing to me and that is he love to date women and race dose’t matter.

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