At It Again: No Controversy, Arsenal Likes Moaning – Mourinho

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Mourinho will not rest, he didn’t even wait a full day. The Chelsea manager insists Arsenal have no room for complaints in their 2-0 loss today.

The match was toxic at best with Arsenal getting two red cards to boot. And Costa at the head of the whole drama at Stamford Bridge.

The match has been termed controversial, but Mourinho will humbly disagree with the media and pundits.

Mourinho said: “Where is the controversy? For me, no controversy. The game is about many different aspects, technical, tactical, emotional, physical. Normally the best team wins – we were the best team.

“We were dominant, we were controlled. Obviously let’s not be hypocritical and deny but playing with one man more is easier.

“I think I played against Arsenal 15/16 times and only once they didn’t moan. Maybe it was because they won that game. All the other matches, they have reasons for that.

“I played my first derby in September 2000 – to win a derby, emotional control. I’ve played derbies in Spain, Portugal, England, Italy and I always say the same words. You always need emotional control.”



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